Armoring Materials

In our service center we will build you a vehicle to match your requirements no matter if you need a light or fully armored vehicle, in mobile surveillance platforms or a personnel carrier.

The key is to be attentive drawing upon more than 20 years of experience in the process of supplying light armoring vehicle that gets you and your employees safely anywhere.

With our vast armoring experience we can recommend and advice solutions that will make your everyday more comfortable and less stressful.

This means we can handle orders for your special conditions no matter where in the world you operate. Looking forward in the materials to be use in any of the vehicles, our experience indicates that the weight added is the most important, for this we come out with the material weight as per:

Glasses: Our glass has exclusive composition, is a result of a special assemblage, with sheeted-glass and plastic films and polycarbonate. The use of polycarbonate allows having a thinner and lighter Ballistic Resistant (BR) glass with higher bulletproof features; as well the latest air chamber technology glass which is 40% lighter in weight.

Opaque Materials: At CPS Armoring, we improve continuously the performance in the armor technology using steel, aramid, high density polyethylene and ceramic laminated with aramid, one of the lightest opaque armor materials.

Our glass and opaque materials suppliers had ballistic test conducted by H.P. White Laboratories Inc, and other certified laboratories.